Divorce is hard but it does NOT have to be traumatic.

What if you could learn how to process your emotions, manage conflict and unapologetically negotiate for what YOU want?

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Holistic Divorce Coaching provides the knowledge and support to shift from a high conflict divorce to an empowering transition with the potential for massive personal growth.


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You or your partner are thinking about divorce...

And you are scared, confused and in a whirlwind of emotions. 

Despite how overwhelming it might all feel, these are natural and valid feelings. You just need help processing them.

To put it simply, the prospect of divorce generates highly charged emotions. These emotions have the power to override your nervous system and throw you into mental chaos. If you fail to manage and process those emotional states, you risk making costly mistakes and decisions you might regret later.


Your lawyer, friends and family have the best intentions...

but they lack the knowledge and qualifications to help you navigate the emotional ups and downs of the divorce process.

The most important variable to achieve a low conflict divorce is not hiring the most expensive lawyer or having a spouse willing to cooperate. It is getting the right combination of education, support and inspiration to educate you on your options and minimize the danger of making costly mistakes. 

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You can't figure out what your next steps are...

if you are ready for the huge changes ahead and what the process will require from you. 

You might be battling feelings of anger, grief, shame and guilt from society's messages to settle, be happy with what you have and sacrifice your happiness.

Yet, you have a burning desire to go after the life you dream about, the partner who fully gets you and the environment your children will thrive at. We say, Yes!! you CAN!! You just have to learn how...

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Introducing Holistic Divorce Coaching 

The support, education and accountability to empower you with the tools + knowledge to have a low conflict divorce.

Our carefully designed programs are crafted for those who understand that divorce might be the most important transition of their life and do not want to mess it up.

Ignorance might cost you more than emotional and financially- from lawer's astronomical fees, to losing control of negotiations and the stress of ending up in court - but you can avoid falling into any traps with the professional guidance of one of our certified Holistic Divorce Coaches. They are trained to help you find:

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Flow with ease and clarity through the divorce process with a clear understanding of exactly what is ahead and needed to get the settlement you want.

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You will learn tools for emotional intelligence, conscious communication, negotiation strategies and boundary setting that will be beneficial for all areas of your life.

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Tap into the resources, strategies, and knowledge that our coaches possess to side-step the months -or years- of figuring this out on your own and risking failure.

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Step into the next chapter of your life with fulfillment instead of emotional and financial baggage so you can pursue your passions and create positive change in the world.

Want to know if working with a Holistic Divorce Coach is right for you? Fill out the form below and we will send you the info you need to make the decision. You might be closer than you think to the life you TRULY want 

What will you learn from working with a coach?

Emotional Divorce: 
Your coach will coach you on how to process the most prevalent emotions of divorce: Shame, Anger, Grief, Fear, Guilt.
Logistical Divorce:
You will learn the divorce process, timelines, how to achieve favorable settlements and how to communicate with your partner and kids.
Walk away with a clear process to help you navigate the heavy emotions of divorce, clear explanations about the divorce process and assistance on putting together a winning team with a reputable lawyer.

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What will your commitment be?

Your coach will work with you through our methodology of Emotional Management Techniques such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), visualization and "Feel it to Heal it" emotional processing amongst others.  
All that is required from you  is that show up for your interactions with an open and honest heart so you can embody Emotional Regulation Skills, Conscious Communication, Strategic planning and Physical Optimization. 

Will you still need a lawyer?

 Our coaches are not capable of offering legal advice and we strongly recommend that you hire a Family Lawyer - ideally in collaborative practice - but you can minimize your legal bills considerably by having your coach work with you on your options for: Financial Reports needed for the Financial Settlement, Child Support, Spousal Alimony and Custody types.

Walk away with a secure framework of expertise to make the most aligned decisions for your Marital Settlement Agreement. 

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Will this be different to therapy?

Yes. Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on the future to help you move forward instead of reviewing the past. Our coaching also differs from general life coaching as it includes he peculiarities of the legal process and the logistical changes ahead. We will also  inform you on how to tie loose ends, craft post divorce communication plans and co-parenting strategies.

Walk away with practical strategies to for the emotional, legal and energetic closure to succeed in your post divorce life.


Let's jump on a 40 minute Clarity Call and we'll figure out if Olga and her team can help you move forward 😉



"Finally someone has integrated the emotions and the legalities of the divorce process to help clients move forward quickly and efficiently. Olga and her team are so helpful and knowledgeable. Could not be happier to be part of this group."




"Being coached by Olga Nadal gave me the confidence to know I can serve clients better. She helped me overcome "Imposter's Syndrome" and her teachings are truly revolutionary. So happy to be able to help my clients transform their pain into their purpose."



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