Become a leading transformational coach in one of the fastest growing niches: Holistic Divorce Coaching 

What if you could take your personal experiences along with our professional background and leverage them to become a high-earning, high-impact Holistic Divorce Coach?

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Be one of the first Holistic Divorce Coaches and pioneers on the online divorce counseling field.

• Scale your income to 6 figures and beyond
• Serve at a higher level with an endless supply of clients
• Maximize your social impact 
• Facilitate massive transformation with cutting edge techniques
• Create a SOUL aligned business so you do not burn out
• Give back to your community from your abundance overflow

You are ready for this certification if you want to improve your impact, income, coaching skills and confidence. 

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You want to START your coaching career

You have a big mission to make an impact in the world yet you have gotten sidetracked, overwhelmed and confused about how to get started.

You might have began your education to develop your coaching skills but you are not clear what your next steps should be and you do not feel fully prepared to create successful offers.

You want a proven method to go from unknown coach to prominent expert in the booming coaching industry because you do not want to waste time with trial and error. Is this you?

You see other coaches creating income + a positive impact and you KNOW this could be you...

There certainly is a rapidly growing demand for coaches and therapists in general but the riches are in the niches. Most people have a hard time hiring a coach that is not specialized in the specific issue they are trying to overcome.

Our divorce coaching training is the specialized certification that the Holistic Divorce Institute designed to help you attract dream clients without the struggle of endless social media creation, email list building and paid advertisement.

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You want to provide a Holistic Offer to attract more aligned clients

Maybe you are a mediator, lawyer, therapist or you might have taken coaching trainings, worked with coaches, made yourself visible online, go to events... yet you only get a trickle of potential clients and close very few sales.

Completing this certification will allow you to start offering holistic transformational coaching services that are not offered by any other existing certification and magnetize clients to your services almost effortlessly.

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Introducing the Holistic Divorce Coaching Certification

The fully supportive 10-week certification program that empowers you with the tools and knowledge to turn your talents into consistent scalable income...

Our carefully designed curriculum is crafted for those who want to jumpstart the launch of their coaching career without wasting time with trial and error and those already in the entrepreneurial journey -  showing up, taking action and attracting clients - but aim for bigger results while stepping into a greater purpose.

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Flow with ease and clarity in your coaching skillset to understand exactly what is needed to get started and succeed regardless of your previous experience.

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Fire up your knowledge as a confident coach and fill a massive (and highly lucrative!) void in the online market.

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Tap into the resources, strategies, and knowledge-base to side-step the months -or years- of figuring this out on your own.

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Step into a life of fulfillment with a career boost that feeds your passions, aligns with your interests, and contributes to major impact.


Divorce and Coaching
In this first module we dive deep into what divorce entails, what a divorce coach is and is NOT, the Holistic Divorce Coach role and goals and the types of divorce coaching services: One on One Coaching- Group Coaching - Paid Masterclasses - Online Courses -
Walk away with a strong foundation a Holistic Divorce Coach's mindset and skillset:
- Communication: NLP and Non Violent Communication -
- Emotional Intelligence -
- Kindness & Compassion -
Emotional & Logistical sides
Emotional Divorce:
In this module we will explore the most prevalent emotions that we will help our clients process: Shame, Anger, Grief, Fear, Guilt
Logistical Divorce:
We will study the divorce process, timelines, how to achieve favorable settlements and how to curate the best divorce team for your client.
Walk away with a clear process to help your clients navigate the heavy emotions of divorce, give them clear explanations about the divorce process and assist them on putting together a winning team
The Emotions of Divorce
In this module we place the emotions of divorce within the context of the Divorce Journey so we can use specific Emotional Management Techniques such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), visualization, "Feel it to Heal it" emotional processing amongst others.  
Walk away with a comprehensive array of Emotional Regulation Skills, Cognitive Awareness Templates, Conscious Communication, Breath-work, Nutritional and Physical Optimization.
The Logistics of Divorce
In this module we will connect the dots for all the logistical pieces so we can guide our client through their Divorce Options for the Financial Settlement with Asset and Liabilities reports - Child Support - Spousal Alimony - Custody Types (Physical and Legal) and Custody Options (Shared and Sole Custody).
Walk away with a secure framework of expertise to ethically empower your clients to make the most aligned decisions for their Marital Settlement Agreement
Finalizing the Holistic Divorce 
 In this module we will learn how to ensure that our clients review their final agreements, we will inform them on how to tie loose ends, craft post divorce communication plans and co-parenting strategies.
Walk away with powerful tools to prepare our clients for emotional, legal and energetic closure giving them insights into their post divorce life.
This week we will meet up to practice the coaching tools we have learned so far. We will have coaching sessions, one on one examples and case studies.
Walk away with embodying coaching tools and understanding when to use each of the tools to facilitate transformation. You will feel competent to guide a session by following our step by step process and achieving predictable results with our outcome-based approach.

Structuring Coaching Programs
In this module, we shift into business mastery by uncovering your unique coaching style, packaging your program and step by step aligned offer creation. You’ll assemble the pieces to your most profitable offers - messaging, positioning and program on lockdown - all of which resonate with the right audience who need them the most.
Walk away with an attraction system of aligned offers to help you become HIGHLY visible online, so potential clients instinctively know you are the right coach for them and immediately start accepting your first inquiries. 
Coach / Client Relationship
In this module we will asses our client readiness and practices in a trauma informed system so we preserve an ethical approach to their transformation. We will customize for you our tried and tested methods for lead generation marketing, sales closing process and onboarding client's strategies. 
Walk away with a Coaching Session Structure to build rapport while gathering information for efficient and tangible goal setting and managing client's expectations.
The Business of Coaching
In our final model of the business mastery section, we will clarify the right price point for your services, branding that delivers your message efficiently, the latest marketing and sales strategies to convert leads into clients, how to use social media platforms to amplify your message.
Walk away with a framework for a successful coaching business that is ready to scale with SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in place. You will receive the online business secrets and hacks so you are ready to launch and grow your client list as an in demand Holistic Divorce Coach.
During the last week of the program we will dive you the templates to create your opt-in lead magnet, start and grow your email list, create your scheduling calendar, batch your content for social media and our system to repurpose all your creations with time saving strategies.
 Walk away with a business strategy and offers aligned with your mission and that truly reflect your personality and unique gifts so you can masterfully coach your clients to transform their life while being financially rewarded.


We bring experts in all fields related to divorce so you can learn directly from their expertise and start expanding your network for future referrals and recommendations.

Learn from Family lawyers, mediators, financial analysts, online preparation providers, neuroscientists and healers with the latest methodologies in their fields.

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We do not just teach our students how to build a client base from scratch and a booming coaching practice from nothing: no reputation, no connections, no marketing budget, no followers and no existing clients you can tap for referrals. 

We also teach them how to protect their energy and strategies to avoid burn out on their way to success with this unique bonus on how to "care but not carry" for your clients.


 Every student gets a 60 minute One-on One private session with Olga Nadal to strategize a 90 day goal for your coaching programs and market them to the right audience. Find clients and start charging for your services as soon as you graduate!

You are only 10 weeks away from realizing your dreams for financial independence and contribution to a better world and we want to make sure that you get started with a winning strategy.

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You'll stay connected with everyone throughout our 10 week's journey and beyond inside our private Facebook group to share your wins, shifts, breakthroughs, and questions.

You also get Lifetime access to join us for every new class to stay updated and getting additional trainings on growing your online business, marketing, legal changes & more.


Apply today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires. We only select a small group of applicants so get in now. We want you to be part of our tribe!

  • 9-Module Core Certification Curriculum (Value $2,975)
    • Module One: Divorce And Divorce Coaching
    • Module Two: Emotional And Logistical Sides of Divorce
    • Module Three: The Emotions of Divorce
    • Module Four: Legalities of Divorce
    • Module Five: Finalizing The Holistic Divorce
    • Module Six: Coaching Implementation Week
    • Module Seven: Structuring Coaching Programs
    • Module Eight: Coach/Client Relationship
    • Module Nine: The Business of Coaching
  • Weekly Q&A and Hotseat Coaching Sessions with Olga Nadal (Value $2,450)
  • Private Support Network and Community  (Value $595) 
  • BONUS: Guest Expert Series (Value $1,475)
  • BONUS: The Energetics of Coaching (Value $385)
  • BONUS: 1:1 Private Strategy Session With Olga Nadal (Value $495)

TOTAL VALUE = $8,375

Summer '22 Price = $3,275









"Finally someone has integrated the emotions and the legalities of the divorce process to help clients move forward quickly and efficiently. Olga and her team are so helpful and knowledgeable. Could not be happier to be part of this group."




"Being coached by Olga Nadal gave me the confidence to know I can serve clients better. She helped me overcome "Imposter's Syndrome" and her teachings are truly revolutionary. So happy to be able to help my clients transform their pain into their purpose."



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