Divorce rates are on the rise and there are more high-conflict divorces than ever before. 

Let's change the way we divorce. 

Divorce rates are on the rise and there are more high-conflict divorces than ever before. 

Let's change the way we divorce. 

Become a leader in one of the fastest growing niches 

Holistic Divorce Coaching 

Join our community of Holistic Divorce Coaches making a huge Impact & Income in the world of online coaching.


Turn the pain of your divorce into your purpose...

... you know first hand how lonely and confusing divorce can be and you want to help others avoid suffering and help them navigate their divorce.

You dream of learning not only coaching mastery to offer holistic transformational services but also business mastery so you can make a profit from your first client. 

If marketing, branding, advertisement, sales strategies and social media make your head spin, we will teach you the easiest strategies to effortlessly attract your ideal clients.

You have a mission to impact the world as a coach...

... yet you keep getting sidetracked, overwhelmed and confused about the HOW?

A part of you has already decided that you want to help others and build an affluent life at the same time. You have probably finished a life coaching certification or attended workshops to develop your coaching skills but are not clear what your next step is. You either do not feel sufficiently prepared to sell your coaching offers or you are not niched down and getting clients is a hassle.

You want access to a proven methodology to go from unknown coach to prominent expert in a booming niche in the coaching industry.


Other coaches are creating massive income + impact and you KNOW this could be you...

... but you struggle to get clients. Most likely because the riches are in the niches and yet you are offering general life coaching. That is a hard sell because people hire coaches who specialize in the specific issue they wish to overcome.

You can spend thousands of dollars/months getting certified as a life coach and chase clients only to realize that you need a niche. 

Or you can learn the latest coaching tools in just 10 weeks for an investment that is easily earned back after signing your first two clients. 

 The fully supportive certification program that empowers you with the tools and knowledge to turn your talents into consistent scalable income...

Our carefully designed curriculum is crafted for those who want to launch their coaching career without wasting time with trial and error.

It is also for those already in the entrepreneurial journey -  showing up, taking action and attracting clients - but aiming for bigger results in a rapidly growing niche while stepping into a greater purpose.

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 This FREE 3 day Mini course will show you the most efficient tools + skills to go from unknown to booked out coach: 

⭐️ Become an authority in one of the fastest growing niches on the online coaching industry 

⭐️ Multiply your financial and emotional impact by attracting a waitlist of “dream” clients eager to work with YOU 

⭐️ Strategies to build simple sales systems, successful offers and social media campaigns so you do not feel overwhelmed

 Scale your Impact AND Income 

 ✓ Serve at a higher level with an endless supply of clients

✓ Maximize your social impact 

✓ Facilitate massive transformation with cutting edge techniques

✓ Create a SOUL aligned business so you do not burn out

✓ Give back to your community from your abundance overflow

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Hi, I am Olga Nadal, author of the book "The Holistic Divorce": A Practical 10 Step Process for Healing” and CEO of the Holistic Divorce Institute. 

It is my mission to create an army of Holistic Divorce coaches so anybody going through divorce can have an empowering experience instead of a traumatizing one.  

After talking to aspiring coaches with the best intentions but lack of certified training, I had to create a comprehensive program so they would be fully equipped to have a successful business.

I would love to talk to you if you are wondering if this certification and career would be a good fit for you. 

Let’s change the paradigm of divorce together, are you in?

Let's Talk

In our first week, we dive deep into what divorce entails, what a divorce coach is and is NOT, the Holistic Divorce Coach role and goals and the types of divorce coaching services: One on One Coaching- Group Coaching - Paid Masterclasses - Online Courses -

Walk away with a strong foundation a Holistic Divorce Coach's mindset and skillset:

✓ Communication: NLP and Non Violent Communication -
✓ Emotional Intelligence -
✓ Kindness & Compassion -

We explore the most prevalent emotions that we will help our clients process: Shame, Anger, Grief, Fear, Guilt.  We will also analyze the divorce process, timelines, how to achieve favorable settlements and how to curate the best divorce team for your client.

Walk away with a clear process to help your clients navigate the heavy emotions of divorce, give them clear explanations about the divorce process and assist them on putting together a winning team.

We place the emotions of divorce within the context of the Divorce Journey so we can use specific Emotional Management Techniques such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), visualization and emotional processing methodologies amongst others.  

Walk away with
 a comprehensive array of Emotional Regulation Skills, Cognitive Awareness Templates, Conscious Communication, Breath-work, Nutritional and Physical Optimization.

We connect the dots by creating a strategy for our clients' logistical options. We break down the most important areas of the Financial Settlement,  Child Support, Spousal Alimony, Custody Types and Custody Options.

Walk away with a secure framework of expertise to ethically empower your clients to make the most aligned decisions for their Marital Settlement Agreement.

We teach you how to ensure that your clients review their final agreements, how to tie loose ends, craft post divorce communication plans and co-parenting strategies.

Walk away with powerful tools to prepare your clients for emotional, legal and energetic closure and provide them with the inspiration and insights that will assist them in their post divorce life.

We shift into business mastery by uncovering your unique coaching style, packaging your program and step by step aligned offer creation. You’ll assemble the pieces to your most profitable offers: messaging, positioning and coaching program.

Walk away with
 an attraction system of aligned offers to help you become visible online, so potential clients instinctively know you are the right coach and immediately start accepting your first inquiries. 

We will asses your client's mindset in a trauma informed system so we preserve an ethical approach to their transformation. We will customize for you our tried and tested methods for lead generation marketing, sales closing process and onboarding client's strategies. 

Walk away with a Coaching Session Structure to build rapport while gathering information for efficient goal setting and managing client's expectations.

In our final model of the business mastery section, we will clarify the right price point for your services, branding that delivers your message efficiently, the latest marketing and sales strategies to convert leads into clients, how to use social media platforms to amplify your message.

Walk away with
 a framework for a successful coaching business that is ready to scale with SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in place. You will receive the online business systems to launch and grow your client list as an in demand Holistic Divorce Coach.

The last week of each month we will meet up in the Zoom room to practice the coaching tools we have learned so far. We will practice coaching sessions, one on one examples and case studies.

Walk away with 
embodying coaching tools and understanding when to use each to facilitate deep transformation. You will feel competent to guide a session by following our step by step process and easily achieving results with our outcome-based approach.

Once you have completed the program and passed the final test, you will have access to a 60 minute call with Olga Nadal where she will review your business plan, aligned offer, opt-in lead magnet to start and grow your email list, create your scheduling calendar for social media and how to plan the next steps to launch your Holistic Divorce Coaching program.

Walk away with a business strategy and offers aligned with your mission that reflect your unique gifts. After this call, you will be able to confidently coach your clients to transform their life.

Expert Interviews

We bring experts in all fields related to divorce and coaching so you can learn directly from their expertise. These interviews will also allow you to start expanding your network for future referrals that would otherwise take you years to create.

Learn from Family lawyers, mediators, financial analysts, online preparation providers, neuroscientists, coaches and healers with the latest methodologies in their fields.

Facebook Group & Lifetime Access 

 You'll stay connected with everyone throughout our 10 week's journey and beyond inside our private Facebook group to share your wins, shifts, breakthroughs, and questions.

You also get Lifetime access to join us for every new class to stay updated and getting additional trainings on growing your online business, marketing, legal changes & more.

Business Plan Review

We teach our students the latest on coaching techniques AND on the rapidly changing online business. We train you to build a thriving coaching practice from no reputation, connections, marketing budget, followers or existing clients' referrals. 

We also review and give feedback on your business plan: from name, branding, marketing to optimizing lead generation and sales on automation.


  • 8-Module Core Certification Curriculum (Value $2,975)
  • 2x/Month Q&A and Coaching Sessions with Olga Nadal (Value $2,450)
  • Private Support Network and Community  (Value $595) 
  • BONUS: Guest Expert Series (Value $1,475)
  • BONUS: The Energetics of Coaching (Value $385)
  • BONUS: 1:1 Private Strategy Session With Olga Nadal (Value $495)

TOTAL VALUE = $8,375



  • 8-Module Core Certification Curriculum (Value $2,975)
  • Weekly Q&A and Coaching Sessions with Olga Nadal (Value $2,450)
  • Private Support Network and Community  (Value $595) 
  • BONUS: Guest Expert Series (Value $1,475)
  • BONUS: The Energetics of Coaching (Value $385)
  • BONUS: 1:1 Private Strategy Session With Olga Nadal (Value $495)

TOTAL VALUE = $8,375




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Yes, I want in!






Billed today plus in 30 days


Yes, I want in!

My promise to you

I will go above and beyond to give you an exceptional experience, providing you with the content, strategy, and knowledge that I’ve gained from my extensive journey as a divorce coach and educator.

Our time together will give you the clarity, the tools, and the expert advice you need to become a certified Holistic Divorce Coach and begin marketing to clients within a few weeks.

And if you don’t feel like it has equipped you to do just that, then you deserve your money back. 

That’s why, if you come to our first week together and feel like you are not getting the practical knowledge that you desire, you can request a refund on your entire purchase.

This certification was created for you to succeed, and I stand by my word to make that happen.

I'm ready to join!